Worn And Torn Newbie

Worn and Torn Newbie is a captivating manhwa created by Boniee and Step on a LEGO. It is published on Naver Webtoon (Korean) and Webtoon (English). The first chapter was released by KAKAO WEBTOON on May 24, 2018. Boniee’s past works include popular Webtoons such as Noblesse, Noblesse: Rai’s Adventure, and Ability. The series is currently ongoing with updates every Wednesday.

Worn And Torn Newbie Manhwa

After discovering that his 15 miserable years as a failed gamer were one long nightmare, Lee Eojin is glad to start over as a newbie. Vowing not to repeat the same mistakes, Eojin begins anew as the hotshot, Old-timer. He’s conquering monsters, acquiring impressive gear, and making enough money to secure his future. Loved by fans and hated by foes, both old and new, will Eojin break the game and triumph, or will the game break him once again?

Worn And Torn Newbie Manga

Dive into the thrilling world of Worn And Torn Newbie Manga. Follow Lee Eojin’s journey as he starts afresh, utilizing his past experiences to become the formidable Old-timer. This series blends action, strategy, and character development, making it a must-read for manga enthusiasts.

Read Worn And Torn Newbie

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